BackBox Linux is made collaboratively by a few people and additionally has a medium size of community with supporters. It has many access points where and each single member of team focused on a specific task. Therefore, the team members are involved in other tasks as well dynamically.

Founder and main developer

  • Raffaele Forte - raffaele (a) backbox.org

Repository maintainer

  • Alessio Pascolini - alessio (a) backbox.org
  • Gianfranco Costamagna - LocutusOfBorg1

Public relations

  • Stefan Umit Uygur - ostendali (a) backbox.org

Community staff

  • Enrico Cinquini - darwish (a) backbox.org
  • Nenad Marjanovic - zerof (a) backbox.org
  • Cristian Mariolini - tmap
  • b4d_bl0ck


  • Alessio Dalla Piazza
  • Emilio Pinna


  • Vlad Butacu