Seminar: Penetration Testing with BackBox Linux

Introductory seminar on the use of BackBox Linux, new distribution  developed to perform penetration tests and security assessments. During this seminar you will learn the key features of the distribution and practical demonstrations will also be carried out on the use of the main tools.

BackBox Linux 1 Final Release

The BackBox team is proud to announce the final release of BackBox Linux 1. BackBox Linux 1 features the following upstream components: Ubuntu 10.04, Linux 2.6.32 and Xfce 4.6.1

BackBox Linux - past, present & future

The year 2010 is about to end, and we are doing a quick summary of our first year of development of BackBox Linux.

As many of you know our distribution comes both for (a bit of) fun and necessity. It has rapidly become a viable alternative and a better distribution for penetration testing. To date backbox Linux has been downloaded thousands of times from all over the world and received reviews in many different languages. It has often been complimented for its performance and we've got our team of developers to thank for that. We reached in a few months what others have achieved after years of development and this is thanks to our team of developers who always willing to accept advice and suggestions from the community.


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