BackBox Linux 4.1 - i386

Release: 29.01.2015
Name: backbox-4.1-i386.iso
Size: 1,9 GB
MD5: 6c6ad98eb9f54d7227cafd533e4d1491
SHA256: f46b18a160cd2bea611c3e4d0902dc4f202bccd8ac931d9d60eef2fc2501fad3

BackBox Linux 4.1 - amd64

Release: 29.01.2015
Name: backbox-4.1-amd64.iso
Size: 1,9 GB
MD5: 490cb8a2dfdf6a25f290fa2e7ccc6c7e
SHA256: 2c503b006acf4768d0d5f874006023ace65452f444a25eb946996422eee34668

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